PFx App

The PFx App unleashes the full capability of the PFx Brick by allowing you to customize its behaviour to suit your application. Plug your PFx Brick into any available USB port and launch the PFx App. From the App, you can customize the PFx Brick’s operational settings, stored audio files, and actions in response to your LEGO® Power Functions™ and EV3 compatible IR remote controls. The PFx App can store your customized settings on your local PC for backup purposes of for re-use on another brick. Updates to both the PFx App and the PFx Brick firmware can be checked and applied automatically or manually from our secure application deployment server.
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Download the PFx App for your operating system. No additional drivers required.

v.1.07 for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 / 32-bit

v.1.07 for Mac OS X 10.9+

Mobile PFx App for iOS

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iOS 9.3+, iPhone and iPad

Mobile PFx App for Android

Looking for Pre-configured PFx Profiles?

Checkout our library of pre-configured PFx Brick profiles and sound Fx files to help you start enjoying awesome light and sound Fx even faster.
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