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Unlimited Lighting Possibilities!

The PFx Brick takes lighting LEGO® creations into new territory. It offers dozens of dazzling lighting features, each of which can easily be customized. Light outputs can be individually controlled and each can have completely different lighting special Fx—you are not limited to one light Fx at a time! You can have flickering lights on one channel, flashing lights on another, and static lights on others. Furthermore, each light output channel can have independent brightness adjustment!
In addition to controlling individual lighting channels, the PFx Brick offers “combination” lighting Fx. These lighting features control a group of light channels in a co-ordinated lighting effect. Examples include emergency flashers, traffic lights, sweeping linear patterns, and much more.

You can customize each light Fx by adjusting parameters such as flashing rate, fade factor, duty cycle, style, and much more. When you consider how many light Fx the PFx Brick supports combined with individual adjustments you have practically limitless lighting possibilities! Examples of some light Fx are shown below:
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Individual Light Fx

50% Flasher
Strobe Flasher
Flickering Light
Engine Glow
Photon Torpedo
Laser Pulse
Broken Light
Gryralite/MARS Flasher
Random Blink
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Combo Light Fx

Linear Sweep
Bargraph Sweep
Knight-Rider Style Sweep
Times Square
Lava Lamp
Alternating Flashers
Twinkling Stars
Laser Cannon
Sound Bar

Traffic Lights


Emergency Flashers

Action Flash 50 L/R
Action Flash 50 In/Out
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Connecting Your Lights

To connect your lightbulbs or LEDs to the PFx Brick, you can chose one of our Lighting Accessory Boards (LABs). LABs plug in to the standard 10-pin Lighting Dock connector on the PFx Brick.
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  • Makes the connection of multiple lights easy, flexible, and modular
  • Directly power 8 to 32 lights from one PFx Brick
  • Supports direct connection of readily available lighting products from Brickstuff, LifeLites, and others
  • Supports direct connection of Fx Bricks premium durable Fx LED products
  • DIY applications supported with direct connection of LEDs from any vendor without the nuisance of installing current limiting resistors
  • Low-profile and space-saving direct plug-in to the PFx Brick or tethered with an extension cable for more installation flexibility
  • Light connectors spaced at 8 mm (1 stud) interval pitch
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