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Holiday Train Conversion Kits In Store!

We're excited to announce that our Holiday Train conversion kit is now available! It brings the magic of light and sound to the LEGO® 10254 Holiday Train ...

PFx App for Android Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that a preliminary release of the PFx App for Android is now available on the Google Play store. It does not yet have the same level ...

We PASSED! FCC, CE Mark, ICES-003 Certified!

We're excited to report that the PFx Brick successfully completed all of its required certification tests for CE mark, FCC, and ICES-003! We are so relieved, especially since the average pass rate is below 50%. These certifications are not only required for electronic products sold into the USA, the EU, Canada, and other regions, but they also give us the assurance that the PFx Brick can be expected to operate safely and reliably over a wide range of operating conditions.

The PFx Brick was subject to a wide range of tests. Most tests focused on so called EMI and EMC (Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility). EMI tests ensure your device does not radiate any unwanted signals or interference--potentially interrupting cell phones, wifi, etc. EMC tests verify that your device is able to withstand exposure to extreme electromagnetic interference. This includes the terrifying and often destructive ESD (electrostatic discharge) tests! These tests are equivalent to repeatedly "taser-ing" your device with voltages ranging from 2 to 8 kV. Thankfully, we were able to perform all tests with a single brick. We brought 4 back up PFx Bricks just in case we lost one during testing; however none were required--S/N 2F727FB2 took one for the whole team! Every test completed successfully without a single failure or interruption of operation. We're quite proud of our durable PFx Brick!

We would like to thank to nice folks at MPB Technologies Electronics Test Centre here in Ottawa for their expertise and assistance during the test process--its always nice to work with professionals who clearly know their stuff!

Testing the PFx Brick for EMI inside an anechoic chamber fitted with highly sensitive broadband RF receivers.

Testing the PFx Brick for EMI inside an anechoic chamber fitted with highly sensitive broadband RF receivers.

Of course, we had to build our test jig with LEGO® parts! This test jig proved very useful for cable management and identifying test points.

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