Meet the Fx Bricks Team

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Michael Gale
President, Co-founder, Hardware and Software Engineering, Brick Artist, …
Michael was born on the Isle of Wight, England and spent his formative years building Lego!  At age seven, his family emigrated to Canada and his love of Lego continued through to adulthood.  Michael followed his passion for engineering and design and obtained graduate degrees in electrical engineering.  His engineering career started as a systems engineer, rising to the level of CTO of a defence and aerospace company. A decade later, he created his own engineering company, and few years later, Fx Bricks!

It wasn’t until 2010, when building Lego with his two young sons, that he recognized the potential for combining his passions for Lego and electronics.  In late 2012, Michael submitted his first public posts of LEGO® creations to flickr.  Soon after, he joined his local Ottawa LUG (LEGO® Users Group), ParLUGment, and discovered the joy of engaging fellow AFOLs (Adult Fan Of LEGO®) at group meetings and conventions.  Since then, Michael has participated in numerous AFOL events in Canada, the USA, and the UK.  He created his own website,, to share his experiences in Lego building and to respond to the growing demand for instructions to his models.  In 2015, Michael launched another website,; a community-oriented website focused on servicing the Lego model train hobby. Through ParLUGment, Michael met Jason Allemann and soon after they became good friends sharing many interests and skills. After collaborating on a few initiatives combining LEGO® with electronics; they eventually created the PFx Brick. This lead to the formation of Fx Bricks Inc.—a partnership of shared passions and skills uniting creativity and engineering.

Michael holds a B.A.Sc. and M.Sc. Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
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Jason Allemann
Co-founder, Software Engineering, Brick Artist, IT, Video Production, …
Jason has been a lifelong fan of LEGO bricks, and his early experiences with LEGO Technic sets helped form his love of mechanical systems and creative building. With a strong interest in problem solving and mechanics, it came as no surprise that he pursued an education in engineering, throughout which he often turned to LEGO bricks to prototype and design solutions for various projects.

Upon graduation, Jason began a career in software development, where he helped develop several popular desktop productivity applications. In 2010, he quit his job to experience the adventure of a lifetime, living on the road for 17 months with his partner Kristal, camping and rock climbing throughout North America. Upon his return, he turned his focus towards personal projects and once again building with LEGO bricks.

Jason’s interest in LEGO has evolved a lot over the years, from building and collecting sets, to creating stop motion animations, to designing and sharing his own custom models. He has been involved in the online LEGO community for over 15 years, from lugnet to flickr to reddit. You can find his creations on his website ( and YouTube channel.

Jason holds a B.A.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and is the fan designer of the LEGO Ideas Maze set (21305).

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