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You can check the status of your Fx Bricks store order on the list below. Only orders which are currently in production or being prepared for shipping are shown. The most recently shipped orders are also shown. If your order is not shown on this list, it has likely already shipped or there is an issue with your order which you can contact us for details.


Issues which affect our production and shipping are shown below.

COVID-19 Pandemic - Delivery times with our shipping partners are all experiencing delays of at least 5-7 days beyond normal delivery standards.

XL Speaker Inventory - New XL Speaker enclosures have arrived and are back in the store!

Recent Orders

Store Production Summary as of (2021-05-07)

Order ID Country Customer Order Items Order Status
60739C7770A98 US V**** B***** 4 Shipped
6055DB8381BFC DE M***** H******* 7 Shipped
609593573B032 US N*** D**** 1 Shipped
6053C20669AB4 US S**** S****** 4 Shipped
60566477658C3 DE T* L******* C***** B**** 6******* 4 Shipped
60631684B3B91 SE M******* H******* 4 Shipped
6076149B5EB71 US S***** L** 2 Shipped
6076F0C9AA7C8 US J*** D******* 1 Shipped
607471C80338C US S***** P***** 3 Shipped
605C3D859068B FR V********* X***** 3 Shipped
60730C759D081 US G**** K**** 1 Shipped
6053FD03A2622 US M****** R***** 8 Shipped
605201E877B10 US N*** D**** 5 Shipped
604E1FBE3A9CA NL A***** H****** 2 Shipped
603D1B2CE1005 US M****** C***** 2 Shipped
604BCA9AD2D9C CA M****** R******** 8 Shipped
603799FF12B90 CH A****** W***** 11 Shipped
604453431876E US B****** H*** 2 Shipped
6047EBBD81AC3 GB J**** H******** 8 Shipped
604B993FB9629 US J***** D V** D**** 1 Shipped
6053C77010109 US T** W******** 1 Shipped
60159557F0183 NL T***** D* G**** 2 Shipped
601EF0880CFF1 US J*** M***** 7 Shipped
603FDDB280295 NL M*** 6 Shipped
604E3E4D7DDA6 US J**** Y****** 2 Shipped
606DC44B71B4F US A***** C G***** 2 Shipped
606DC1FCE00E2 US A***** B***** 1 Shipped
6065EEC257D3E US M****** M***** 1 Shipped
6067435760CE3 US R*** T********* 1 Shipped
60676DCDA5635 CA M****** L********* 1 Shipped
60694D69C5BDF US S****** B****** 1 Shipped
603C648162333 US C**** G***** 1 Shipped
603160AA2C540 FR P**** M**** 6 Shipped
6035900716CC6 DE S*** 5 Shipped
603B0820C8929 AU A**** C*** 4 Shipped
603B686C593BE GB M*** M*** 1 Shipped
606373605A528 US W** G**** 3 Shipped
6060FCD057C92 AU K***** F***** 3 Shipped
6052267275002 US M*** W**** 2 Shipped
60313FA7DBCEF US T***** D**** 6 Shipped
60187264C7897 DE P*** S******* 3 Shipped
602FEBBDD3C86 CA D***** K**** 7 Shipped
605CA93F91911 US B*** B**** 1 Shipped
605D3B8286580 US F**** P*** 1 Shipped
605DC9263738C US J*** T**** 1 Shipped
605EB6810CC1E CA P**** B******* 1 Shipped
605F44B9E85ED US T**** S***** 3 Shipped
603DC5E484DE1 CA K*** A**** 5 Shipped
6051421E20BE6 US V**** B***** 1 Shipped
6046A2535251A GB K*** B***** 1 Shipped
603F8E8B419F4 FR G******** B******** 1 Shipped
603C6D0EE6C50 US A*** W******* 3 Shipped
603C65A276BA4 US C**** G***** 3 Shipped
603C71BCBA09C US E*** B****** 2 Shipped
603C74DDB7275 US P*** W****** 2 Shipped
603C501F61FCE US P*** S**** 3 Shipped
603C6C5852F50 CA J**** P***** 3 Shipped
603C7399EF462 US J***** S****** 2 Shipped
603C7494B2147 US D**** M****** 1 Shipped
603C7F843EC60 US N*** J***** 1 Shipped
603C81EC635E5 US C**** B***** 3 Shipped
603C80A5B7DDB US A******** C******* 1 Shipped
603CB8FC232D3 AU S***** S*** 3 Shipped
603CC5C9D5356 AU P****** M********* 1 Shipped
603CD37EA22A5 US A*** H******** 3 Shipped
603CDC1683723 US J*** K********** 3 Shipped
603CDD8569819 US C****** B* N****** 1 Shipped
603CE2BC551CC US J****** F**** 2 Shipped
603CE687B1580 US J*** T**** 2 Shipped
603CE594242BF US J***** L****** 2 Shipped
603CF726BE9E7 CA J**** A******* 1 Shipped
603CFC3AB3647 CA M**** B***** 1 Shipped
603D100ECAF15 CA F*** W********* 3 Shipped
603D12A343107 US A***** B****** 1 Shipped
603D19560619D US B**** G****** 1 Shipped
603D1AAB8333A US T** S********* 2 Shipped
603D2E96A1DDE US M*** M****** 2 Shipped
603D31E70381D US H*** D**** 2 Shipped
603D36CB26C7F US S***** 1 Shipped
603D6D0D12003 US F*** J****** 1 Shipped
603DA6BDD99A0 US S*** C***** 2 Shipped
603E4F1D00F9B US T****** C***** 2 Shipped
603EBEBD6003F US J******* S************ 2 Shipped
603F3E13C3BFD US M*** L******* A***** 2 Shipped
603F9DABC5E89 US J***** O**** 1 Shipped
603FC5699334F US M*** W***** 1 Shipped
603FEBC914252 CA T**** W****** 2 Shipped
60403F8DB07CE US B*** B**** 1 Shipped
6040BB5FBBEE5 AU R**** G******* 1 Shipped
6040F085E17E4 US N****** H***** 3 Shipped
604197BEB7109 US R***** H***** 2 Shipped
6041C0C94D6A9 US L******* N H***** 1 Shipped
6042603FDE8EF US D**** G******* 3 Shipped
6043FF5650A25 US N*** W********** 2 Shipped
603C7F0CD2313 AU D**** K*** 3 Shipped
603CCF3C650F3 US S***** S***** 2 Shipped
603CE40E23DAF US S****** S****** 2 Shipped
6044EBF352F62 US A**** W********* 1 Shipped
604ADC332BBEF US E*** P***** 1 Shipped
604B99BDBEB6D US R****** M******* 1 Shipped
604C4A755C2D6 US J****** L J****** 2 Shipped
604CC37187BCA US M****** M****** 1 Shipped
604CC7697A72B CA J*** W***** 1 Shipped
604DC2390BFA6 US R*** A******** 1 Shipped
604E962DE4F91 US J**** A* S****** 3 Shipped
604EE4A9CF316 US A***** D********* 1 Shipped
604FDF023CEC8 US G*** H******** 3 Shipped
5FF07E05DC7C8 NL L M****** 13 Shipped
600F9AD4F0BC9 CA E*** B*** 3 Shipped
602A2F0A39A81 US D**** B** 1 Shipped
6019625A8C4D8 GB A***** L***** 2 Shipped
6012E8AB83DC5 PL A****** S******* 5 Shipped
5FE610A892C7D FR R********* 10 Shipped
5FF62973A11E6 US M*** W**** 3 Shipped
6010F0FBAA414 NL R V* S*** 3 Shipped
5F287DD7CDB92 GB J**** O******* 3 Shipped
5FEDAA7879645 DE A******** H****** 2 Shipped
5FF02084A1DD0 NZ K*** B**** 2 Shipped
5FE5D46D74B6F GB N**** B************ 2 Shipped
5950EE5BF1C4F CH S***** E******* 13 Production
59529FDCADBBC NO J****** L******* 13 Production
595C002ECA15D DE F***** D**** C****** 3 Production
59AC47CD80E3F US T**** D***** 2 Production
59EFF4CDEDFB3 CA E*** G****** 5 Production
5B259B9562E4C CN È******** 8 Production
5FCE96571962D CA S** T*** 3 Production
5FDC0E6B3E92D US L** B*** 99 Production
5FE455ACA38C0 DE A******** S***** 4 Production
5FFA4B0E0D4F8 US W****** R**** J***** 3 Production
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