Order Status

You can check the status of your Fx Bricks store order on the list below. Only orders which are currently in production or being prepared for shipping are shown. The most recently shipped orders are also shown. If your order is not shown on this list, it has likely already shipped or there is an issue with your order which you can contact us for details.


Issues which affect our production and shipping are shown below.

Production Normal - New PFx Brick inventory expected Nov/Dec 2019

Recent Orders

Store Production Summary as of (2019-10-10)

Order ID Country Customer Order Items Order Status
5D42C39F9E211 ES J*** M**** L******* D* L* T**** 4 Shipped
5D4747C202B6D US J**** M**** 5 Shipped
5D47498B95236 US J**** M**** 3 Shipped
5D93EFC5DF383 US B******* S***** 1 Shipped
5D4872B0AEAA3 US D**** D**** 3 Shipped
5D1A24372C661 CA R**** B***** 6 Shipped
5D24EA3B9AF6B NZ T**** H****** 3 Shipped
5D2C971ABE0E3 FR O*** K******* 3 Shipped
5D07C6CFB033C US J*** D******** 6 Shipped
5D3D76789A83F AU J***** S******* 4 Shipped
5D0A99848AB9F DE R**** K*** 5 Shipped
5C5888CEE17C6 US S****** E******* 3 Shipped
5CD110A7B9DEE US J**** M**** 6 Shipped
5CDBC52391107 KR Y*** S** 4 Shipped
5CDBCA068C07B KR Y*** S** 2 Shipped
5CED1C680D9FD GB M****** M******** 2 Shipped
5D05C9B2ABC5B US B******* C****** 3 Shipped
5D0791E7A6A5E NL G******* V** D** E******* 2 Shipped
5D090D9CAC762 FR E***** J***** 11 Shipped
5D1A7EDD8B32E US J*** E*** D**** 1 Shipped
5D13CE9991A0E US K**** B**** 5 Shipped
5CF3C9035742B DE C******* G**** 3 Shipped
5CF3CA7E70550 DE C******* G**** 2 Shipped
5D1A54AE99797 DE C****** G**** 9 Shipped
5D2CC960CE5E8 DE C******* G**** 3 Shipped
5950EE5BF1C4F CH S***** E******* 13 Production
59529FDCADBBC NO J****** L******* 13 Production
595C002ECA15D DE F***** D**** C****** 3 Production
59AC47CD80E3F US T**** D***** 2 Production
59EFF4CDEDFB3 CA E*** G****** 5 Production
5B259B9562E4C CN È******** 8 Production
5D49BFECE2E80 FR F********* L***** 3 Production
5D52F3585E4D7 CA A N***** M***** 3 Production
5D5DBEE695AF7 US J*** E*** D**** 2 Production
5D8E1A31CAD92 DE H*********** A***** 2 Production
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