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You can check the status of your Fx Bricks store order on the list below. Only orders which are currently in production or being prepared for shipping are shown. The most recently shipped orders are also shown. If your order is not shown on this list, it has likely already shipped or there is an issue with your order which you can contact us for details.


Issues which affect our production and shipping are shown below.

High order volume - Although we are shipping some pending orders, higher order volumes are still keeping our production pipeline full. We're doing the best we can to ensure timely order fulfillment. We do apologize for the delay.

Recent Orders

Store Production Summary as of (2019-06-11)

Order ID Country Customer Order Items Order Status
5CA8AF16144E3 US G*** G**** 11 Shipped
5CAA05C9E3F50 US B****** C***** 4 Shipped
5CAA865EDEBCE US M****** P***** 2 Shipped
5C9BF149301D1 US T***** M******** 4 Shipped
5C9D2C798CDA7 MX E****** M***** 2 Shipped
5CAD3761E993A US E****** H**** 4 Shipped
5CC6C1CB6F4B0 ES F**** R******** 2 Shipped
5C9DAE4EED491 US S***** L*** 6 Shipped
5C8E2DE4CCE13 AU D* P*** K***** 6 Shipped
5C8835C6B9052 ES D**** M***** 6 Shipped
5CACE0062DE3D NL L** V** D* W*** 1 Shipped
5CB2EBD202830 HK B****** M* 3 Shipped
5C0D8F125EB76 US J**** R T** 3 Shipped
5C356440C1A05 US J**** R T** 2 Shipped
5CA611DDE11D1 US J** P***** 3 Shipped
5C62A51B5BD00 US P**** H***** 12 Shipped
5C9A804E394F8 IT A*** G****** 3 Shipped
5C8CBA34C7575 FR K******* O*** 10 Shipped
5C7AA950DD6C6 DE S***** H***** 11 Shipped
5C5C069511FEC SI D**** K**** 3 Shipped
5C05DDB95D467 US G****** V********* 2 Shipped
5C8C8170E9AD8 US M*** W**** 2 Shipped
5C13F5F5034A5 US G****** V********* 2 Shipped
5C939EEF3FDF1 CH S***** G****** 2 Shipped
5C800C3E0DE7E US M*** R**** 3 Shipped
5C620A9E3682D US T****** L*** 5 Shipped
5C5B6E74342BB US J*** K****** 3 Shipped
5C5C615575F78 US K**** H****** 5 Shipped
5950EE5BF1C4F CH S***** E******* 13 Production
59529FDCADBBC NO J****** L******* 13 Production
595C002ECA15D DE F***** D**** C****** 3 Production
59AC47CD80E3F US T**** D***** 2 Production
59EFF4CDEDFB3 CA E*** G****** 5 Production
5B259B9562E4C CN È******** 8 Production
5C5888CEE17C6 US S****** E******* 3 Production
5CB7F16139150 AU S***** R******* 4 Production
5CBBAE64D148D US D***** S****** 7 Production
5CC619A5BC988 US G****** 1 Production
5CC65D45C79FC US J**** R********** 4 Production
5CC71E00B8D2B FI H***** H***** 5 Production
5CD110A7B9DEE US J**** M**** 6 Production
5CDA94182DE9C DE R***** K******* 4 Production
5CDBC52391107 KR Y*** S** 4 Production
5CDBCA068C07B KR Y*** S** 2 Production
5CED1C680D9FD GB M****** M******** 2 Production
5CF3C9035742B DE C******* G**** 3 Production
5CF3CA7E70550 DE C******* G**** 2 Production
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