Order Status

You can check the status of your Fx Bricks store order on the list below. Only orders which are currently in production or being prepared for shipping are shown. The most recently shipped orders are also shown. If your order is not shown on this list, it has likely already shipped or there is an issue with your order which you can contact us for details.


Issues which affect our production and shipping are shown below.

COVID-19 Pandemic - Delivery times with our shipping partners are all experiencing delays of at least 5-7 days beyond normal delivery standards.

XL Speaker Inventory - We have sold out of XL speaker bricks and are currently waiting for the production of new injection molded XL speaker enclosures. We expect new stock approx. Nov 2020.

Recent Orders

Store Production Summary as of (2020-11-19)

Order ID Country Customer Order Items Order Status
5F995E4B0E50D DE M***** H******* 5 Shipped
5FAFCEA6A60D5 FR C****** E*** 2 Shipped
5F8EBF68AFE75 CH Y*** J**** 7 Shipped
5F925DA35290D CH Y*** J**** 1 Shipped
5F98F7ED59908 GB K***** M******** 2 Shipped
5F9940DB2E30A GB K***** M******** 2 Shipped
5F89D7C69E96F US J*** K****** 1 Shipped
5F89DACD5D331 US J*** K****** 1 Shipped
5F8997A78450B NL W******* J***** 10 Shipped
5F6740A6058AB PT J**** A****** 2 Shipped
5F889E4529517 US G**** P**** 4 Shipped
5F7D9826A8C5E DE H*********** A***** 1 Shipped
5F4F656D187C0 CH R*** S********* 8 Shipped
5F7EDF122A01D ES N******* P****** L****** 7 Shipped
5F5FA49CA1D32 FR D******* 3 Shipped
5F5A845602F04 FR E******* F***** 3 Shipped
5F727BD59449D US P*** R****** 1 Shipped
5F199E33E8403 US M***** S**** 2 Shipped
5F465A09EAD11 DE A******** S***** 3 Shipped
5F469D2A77C91 US T** H****** 4 Shipped
5F4D705E513D5 US C***** O**** 2 Shipped
5F5FB3FF0363F DE M****** C***** 6 Shipped
5F6E0C2B97D6C FR V****** R**** 2 Shipped
5F1016C1D2484 JP H******* M******** 6 Shipped
5F54B6C734562 FR V****** R**** 7 Shipped
5F54AF7B2BBD0 HK T*** C** P*** 3 Shipped
5F25ED77C33E3 DK J** K** J********* 23 Shipped
5F34CAB3C0690 CA C**** B*** 4 Shipped
5F383ECB18A07 NL W******* J***** 3 Shipped
5F3FFD5E722F3 US B****** K****** 3 Shipped
5F45A502B0217 CA E*** 1 Shipped
5D8E1A31CAD92 DE H*********** A***** 2 Shipped
5F145D01C3EA2 US A*** G**** 8 Shipped
5F18F5D01238B US B****** K****** 5 Shipped
5F0635C29277C AT G****** S****** 11 Shipped
5E4C4873929C9 CH C******** P*************** 26 Shipped
5F287DD7CDB92 GB J**** O******* 3 Shipped
5F1AB7514F022 CH A****** W***** 4 Shipped
5EA56359ADE76 NZ D***** H**** 10 Shipped
5EEB234B878AD NZ D***** H**** 6 Shipped
5EF171442784D US T**** J**** 3 Shipped
5EAF55351A86D GB J**** O******* 6 Shipped
5F13E9181B635 CA A*** R****** B******* 1 Shipped
5E9AF49D1C8A8 DE C******** P****** 6 Shipped
5EF71E37630B2 LU M***** F****** 2 Shipped
5F0F54F1525F2 DE A******** S***** 2 Shipped
5ED162283D199 DE M****** C***** 6 Shipped
5F07FE4020D00 KR S****** P*** 5 Shipped
5F14D4C2C6C3E US A**** B****** 1 Shipped
5E8397A902A98 AT S***** S********* 3 Shipped
5E49897EDE581 DE J**** P****** 31 Shipped
5950EE5BF1C4F CH S***** E******* 13 Production
59529FDCADBBC NO J****** L******* 13 Production
595C002ECA15D DE F***** D**** C****** 3 Production
59AC47CD80E3F US T**** D***** 2 Production
59EFF4CDEDFB3 CA E*** G****** 5 Production
5B259B9562E4C CN È******** 8 Production
5E444626E2C29 CA D****** H***** 2 Production
5E446270986F4 NL P***** S***** 14 Production
5E456D435C8D2 PL M***** D****** 18 Production
5E785DE5E10CC CH M*** A***** W*** 6 Production
5E902D03F3265 MC K**** S***** 5 Production
5FAD0AD3159C2 GB S*** N*** 1 Production
5FADC643BEF0B GB S*** N*** 2 Production
5FAFAC6D6272E JP Y***** M******* 5 Production
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